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Axiomata has been working with a Swiss-based, global pharmaceutical

company to identify the roles and skills needed in the future and to

introduce a programme of strategically-lead up-skilling and training and

behavioural change across to help ensure it meets its corporate goals and can adapt to geographical, regulatory and logistics issues likely to face the business.



Axiomata conducted a detailed series of interviews with management and staff to establish how their roles would need to develop and change with a 5- and 10-year horizon.

The initial scope of the work was within the company’s operationally-focused teams in its network and the urgency was to profile and highlight changes needed before they became operationally critical.

After using tools to understand the current situation, Axiomata’s advice and subsequent work was then to build a training, support and monitoring process which survived beyond the initial rounds of training.

The main focus of the work Axiomata is doing is to implement a learning journey to improve the competence of leaders, managers and staff, working across borders, to introduce and embed new competencies to avoid expensive and reputation-damaging mistakes.

Axiomata realised that some regular mistakes can cost the client significant sums of money, increasingly >$100,000 every time it happened.

The causes of those errors were identified as part of Axiomata’s early research with its client.

Whilst a frightening figure, the future benefits of Axiomata’s competency-improvement programme could be measured against historical costs as part of the long-term, evaluation process.

Now become known as the Ahead of The Game Pathway, Axiomata’s on-going training has involved:

- Implementing behavioural change programmes and development plans set to a 6-monthly schedule laying out what each person and team will have to do differently – and why – to be ready for upcoming local or wider changes, often from outside of the company.

- Coaching and mentoring activity with leaders, typically on a 1-2-1 basis, managers and

staff, in a mix of 1-2-1 and group sessions; sessions have been conducted with sales,

operational and support teams; part of the training and support programme has been

designed to develop advocacy amongst individuals and teams to multiply the reach and

speed of the programme implementation and to be flexible to cultural differences within

the global network

- Close support for all participants to help people make the changes that they have

committed to, both as a team and as individuals so real change is achieved

- Performance auditing, monitoring and reporting against pre-defined KPIs with

programme sponsors in the company



Axiomata has implemented a long-term programme with its client so results will be delivered and reported on an on-going basis.

However, there have been some substantial improvements in staff satisfaction and engagement levels, less employee and management churn and more involvement by managers and staff in new working initiatives indicating a lasting change in behaviour with more focus on the business as a whole rather than just the local, often team-centric, behaviour reported prior to the commencement of the programme.

A series of advocates have been introduced and their effectiveness and effect monitored closely.

ROI indicators are promising and Phase 2 of the programme is being introduced now.

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