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Getting that right person ‘in’ and up to speed when pressing business deadlines loom is even more challenging and when deadlines aren’t met, well, it’s best not to think about that.

​axiomata can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

We'll find the right people to bring a new product to market or turnaround sales performance and bring a high level of business experience, combined with a world-class expertise in sales operations and development, to the challenge.

​We'll bring forward excellent candidates to fit your business. You need more sales, more expertise, just not the full-time cost that goes with them until the business has achieved the next phase of its growth.

​We provide Senior People as Interim Sales Directors and Managers, on a full or part-time contract, to focus. ​axiomata works in a variety of areas, including revitalizing a sales team, developing and implementing new business sales strategies, sales team performance improvement programmes, resource optimisation , including helping with restructuring and regional alignments, ensuring sales teams work together to improve effectiveness in winning global clients and mentoring sales management.

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