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axiomata was founded on the belief that people in organizations can be strategically developed in order to support business growth.


And we do it with some of the world's leading companies.


Based in the UK, axiomata works globally with organizations of all sizes and locations. From London to Los Angeles and Lausanne, from Sydney to Singapore and Seattle, from New York to Nanjing and New Delhi.


We have clients and associates located in some of the best cities in the world and both our working directors and our associates have the expertise in depth in sales, commercial leadership and Learning & Development in all major commercial sectors.


London. Zurich. New York. Los Angeles. Sydney.


Pharmaceutical. Medical. Logistics. Manufacturing. Hi Tech. Finance.


Add to it 150 years' worth of expertise in running and working in those roles and businesses.


Industry understanding. A global reach. Local expertise.

Who runs axiomata?

Two guys who have worked as clients and consultants and with over 60 years expertise between them. Email either of them and they'll be delighted to talk with you.

Martyn Poller, CEO, axiomata

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