We work hard to help improve your business performance by improving how your people work.


​There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to increase management and employee effectiveness and productivity but everyone needs clear direction, organisation and motivation.


​Your business systems and processes must support the goals you have for your business. But systems and processes on their own aren’t worth a damn.


If you want your company to be able to make the most of every opportunity that comes its way, it’s how your people work that makes the difference.


That’s what axiomata does. We make people work.


​axiomata’s people, processperformance and profiling-focused approach draws on our wide and in-depth experience in a range of business sectors and in directing, analysing, restructuring and training your management and employees to perform to their maximum capability and do their best for your business.


We help to remove the hurdles in the people and processes holding back performance using practical, realistic and results-driven techniques and programmes.


They’re based on proven techniques and global experience across many sectors, business scale and diverse cultures.


​Our clients have found that working with us and investing in this work pays immediate and sustained dividends in the return on their spend, so the business works, well, better.

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When you talk with us, we don’t waffle about theoretical strategies that look good on paper but don't work in the real world, much less your business.


We bring you wide experience and scaleable ways to make sure everyone in your business is motivated to be the best they can be and do the best they can for your business, in an organised managed and measured way.


You’ll find we do a lot of listening before we make any suggestions at all.

Once we understand the issues you are facing, we’ll bring the experience we have to bear on your specific challenges and work them through with you and how they can be implemented with your teams.


Please don’t be surprised if we say things you don’t want to hear. Ask questions you don’t want asked.


And, we'll dare say it, do you need to change, too?


Usually, what your business needs isn’t very obvious or easy to deal with. If it was, why would you need axiomata?


We work with management, sales teams, key people in your business, your Board and individuals on it, everyone in the business. Where are the weaknesses? What do they do best? We assess all this and more. We profile their competence, if you like, and work out how to make it better. 


It’s rare that something can’t be done better and when it comes to people, process and performance, it’s our job to find out how.


We’re not management consultants (definitely not). We’re people consultants dealing with real issues and real people, managing human capital.


​Our expertise has been earned in commercial roles across many industry and business sectors and our approach works, whether you are a large corporate or an SME.



Which is just as well, as we're not rocket scientists.

But we are experienced across a wide range of business sectors and an even wider range of business cultures, sizes and structures. We've worked with global and multi-national companies across five continents.

Every Client we work for is different from the next so we have to bring our best game every time,

so we apply our proven experience and expertise to the particular

challenges and ambitions of every one of our Clients.

Making it work is the science bit.

Click on the images below if you'd like to see solutions for Clients in various sectors.


It's simple, really.

We listen and then listen some more. We won't try to make what you want fit into a pre-defined and overdone employee management protocol. We don't even like the word protocol.


When we're finished listening we'll start to ask a lot of questions of you and, when you're ready, of your team.


They'll almost certainly have a different point of view and will share a lot of insights which will be invaluable in creating solutions to your company's issues and with people in the business.

You know more about your business than we do. But we have the advantage of having a view from another hill, fresh sets of eyes and able to bring our experience, expertise and knowledge of what works in other sectors to your business.



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